Pressure Filters

Filter plates, filter equipment parts and technical consultation are available from Avery Filter Company for all filters and applications. 

Upgrading and/ or repairs for Avery Filter presses, K-S Avery Filters, or any other manufacturers equipment, can be accommodated with our replacement parts. Polypropylene. Recessed chamber, and membrane plates can be provided for all types of filter presses. For special applications such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, or PVDF plates can also be supplied. 

Provide Avery filter company with your specific requirements and we will be glad to assist you with your needs. 

Avery Filter Company has specialized in pressure filtration technology since our founding in the early 1960s. Filter presses have been our major focus, and we can assist you with all your needs. Horizontal plate pressure filters are also available. Contact us with your requirements. 

When looking for filtration equipment, Avery Filter Company will assist you. With today's volatile market, material costs are rapidly climbing and deliveries are being extended. A used or rebuilt filter from Avery Filter Company could be just what you were looking for to meet a tight budget and/or schedule constraints. 

Avery Filter Company is the only company in the used equipment field specializing exclusively and buying, selling and rebuilding filtration equipment. This expertise assures you that you will receive the best possible advice in making your equipment selection. You will also benefit from our expertise as we assist you in selecting the appropriate filter media for your application. 

Filter Media provided by Avery Filter Company includes various woven and nonwoven filter fabrics from fabricated filter press cloths and cellulose filter papers cut and punched to fit filter presses, horizontal pressure filters, and for various other filtering devices. With our years of experience and our depth of knowledge, Avery Filter company can provide valuable guidance to help you to make the best media selection for your application. Avery Filter Company offers a wide range of filter media, including over 75 different grades and styles to meet the needs of each individual application. With generations of experience. with all kinds of filter media, Avery can assist you in choosing the most suitable type of media for your particular filter with the appropriate particle size retention. You cannot select filter media with a calculator or formula. Experience counts, and that's where we come in- to help you make the right selection.

Filter Media

Filter Support & Parts

Avery Filter Company specializes in pressure filtration technology, filtration equipment and filter media. With our 60+ years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial liquid/solid separation applications, we are well prepared to assist you with all of your filtration needs.

With our experience and knowledge of the various filtration processes, we are well qualified to discuss your filtration applications. Avery Filter Company can help you through the difficult decision-making process in recommending one style of filtering media for your process from the many possibilities to choose from.

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