Avery Variable Volume Filter Presses

For solids collection, liquid clarification or cake washing, you can be confident that an Avery Filter Press will extract the absolute greatest value from your process. Avery Filter Presses are recognized for efficient operation, longer life, lower maintenance and lower operating costs. Avery pioneered the use of membrane plate filter presses for many process applications.

Avery Filter Presses have reduced operating costs and improved productivity in a wide range of applications, including:
· Commodity and Specialty Chemicals
· Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Intermediates
· Food Products and Ingredients
· Clay and Ceramic Powders
· Dyes and Pigments
· Industrial Waste Dewatering and Recycling

Advantages of Avery Variable Volume
Membrane Filter Presses

Reduced Cycle Time
Conventional fixed volume filter presses filter only 75 to 80% of a given batch in the first 50% of the cycle time. If the plate stack is opened before the full cycle is complete, the result is a wet sloppy cake. The cycle of a variable volume membrane filter press, however, can be stopped at its most efficient point. By applying pressure to the membrane built into the filter plate, the cake is squeezed to produce a high-solids filter press cake in a significantly reduced cycle time.

High Cake Solids
By applying a high pressure membrane squeeze to the formed filter cake with pressurized fluid (up to 225 psi or higher), it is possible to produce a final cake with solids content from 50% to 100% greater than can be achieved with conventional fixed volume filter presses. This is important for obtaining maximum yield, where a high-value liquid is your product, or producing a high solid content cake, where it is critical to reduce moisture content.

Superior Cake Washing
The Avery variable volume membrane filter press improves cake washing efficiency and reduces wash time by applying a low-pressure pre-squeeze before the wash cycle is begun. This pre-squeeze produces a uniform filter cake, eliminating wash liquid channeling through cracks and less well formed areas of the cake.

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