Avery Membrane Filter Press Operation

Reduced Cycle Time, Improved Cake Washing & Highest Solids Content Cake
Avery Variable Volume Membrane Filter Presses utilize and impermeable membrane or “diaphragm,” incorporated into the plate design, which allows cake compression in order to maximize cake washing efficiency, reduce cycle time, and create a high solids filter press cake.

(1) Avery’s membane filter plate, before filling, the polypropylene diaphragms are in their relaxed position.

(2) During pressure filtration, the diaphragms (a) are pressed against the plate core. Solids collect on the filter media (b) and a cake (c) is formed.

(3) Cake compression or “squeeze” by controlled pressurization of the diaphragms produces uniform cake with desired solids content.

Avery’s Empty Chamber style membrane plates allow squeezing of the filter cake into partially filled or completely empty chambers with no minimum cake thickness in the case of a process up set. This provides important safeguards against operator error and assures long plate life while producing consistent solids content cake allowing flexibility for varying batch sizes.

Designed for Optimum Performance

Application Engineering, Special Materials
Avery provides filters specifically suited to meet your individual needs. We have the background and technical expertise needed to help you find the appropriate solution. We custom design filter presses including a wide range of options and ancillary equipment such as overhead or sidebar configurations, process piping manifolds in a variety of materials of construction, PLC controlled automation, pneumatic or intrinsically safe controls for hazardous areas, and cake conveying equipment.

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