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Automation of Avery Membrane Filter Presses

Avery Filters offer full automation of the required batch sequence operation. Automated systems provide labor savings, assurance of proper equipment operation, consistency of production, reduction of downtime, and more reliable product quality.

Available automation features include:
· Opening and closing of the filter press
· Batch sequence operation of process valves
· Process feed pump control
· Filter cake washing cycle
· Membrane squeeze pressure control
· Automatic plate shifting
· Filter cake discharge conveyor operation
· Filter cloth washing

Where high production rates and consistent product are required, an automated Avery Variable Volume Membrane Filter Press will do the job.

PLC Control Panels and Instrumentation
Color graphic displays and touch screens with fully developed PLC and operator interface programming simplify the operation of the fully automated Avery Membrane Filter Press System. All electrical area classifications can be accommodated, incorporating PLC/DCS communication protocol, panel components and instrumentation to suit the application and plant needs as required.

Filter Press Ancillary Equipment

Automated Plate Shifting Mechanisms
Avery offers uniquely designed shifters recognized for their rugged construction, long life and ease of maintenance. Available as semi or fully automatic units, Avery shifters are electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered to meet your needs.

Process Piping Manifolds
Provided in a variety of materials to meet your specifications with either manual or actuated valves, or fully automatic PLC/DCS control of the filter press batch sequence operation.

Access Platforms and Materials Handling
Raised access platforms are customized for individual site requirements. Avery specializes in custom designed cake conveying systems for filter press applications.

Filter Plates
Plates of every design, including recessed or plate and frame, are available in all sizes: gasketed or non-gasketed, center or corner feed, in polypropylene, PVDF, stainless steel, aluminum or other materials.

Filter Media
Available in polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and other materials. Special media is available where extremely fine particle retention is required. Filter cloth is available in a variety of weaves with sewn feed eye sleeves or molded rubber necks with latex edge treatment.

Other Optional Equipment
· Movable drip trays
· Filter cake sheets
· Cloth washers
· Filter cake carts
· Squeeze pressure systems
· Process feed pumps
· Precoat systems
· Safety light curtains

Avery is committed to providing the most efficient system for your needs and will supply ancillary equipment as required.