Technical Support

Avery Filter Company is well prepared to assist you with every phase of your filtration project, from laboratory testing through installation and start up.

For Parts or Service on an existing Avery Filter installation, or any other filter, contact us by phone or email.

For new applications, we would be glad to send you a detailed Liquid/Solids Separation Questionnaire. The data you supply to us on the questionnaire will be used to develop a recommendation for a suitable filter to meet your needs. Complete information helps us to make a more accurate evaluation.

Avery Filter Company offers a wide range of support services including:
· Application Consultation
· Laboratory and Pilot Testing
· Filtration Equipment Sizing
· Filter Media Selection
· Precoat and Body Aid Selection
· Flow Sheet Development
· Ancillary Equipment Selection
· Controls and Instrumentation Design
· Start Up and Training
· Filter Troubleshooting

To receive a copy of any of the following technical papers regarding filtration and/or filter presses, contact us with your request.

Technical Papers Presented and/or Published:

Filtration Equipment Selection & Scale-Up, THE PROCESS ENGINEER, 2004, Quentin D. Avery

Filter Press Technology for Dry Product Production, POWDER & BULK ENGINEERING, 2002, Quentin D. Avery

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Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters & Filter Presses for Blood Products and Biotech Applications, American Filtration Society, Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting, Jamesburgh, New Jersey, June, 2001, Quentin D. Avery

Automated Filtration Systems in Pigment Processing, PROCESSING MAGAZINE, FILTRATION & SEPARATIONS HANDBOOK, Putnam Publishing, May, 2001, Quentin D. Avery

Automated Filtration Systems & Diafiltration Technology for Pigment Processing and Product Recovery, Color Pigment Manufacturer’s Association & Inter Society Color Council, Charlotte, North Carolina, April 2000, Quentin D. Avery

New Filtration Technology for Winemaking, Valley Winemaker’s Association, Madera, California, April, 1999, Quentin D. Avery

Filter Press Technology, PROCESSING MAGAZINE, FILTRATION & SEPARATIONS HANDBOOK, Putnam Publishing, May 1998, Quentin D. Avery

Automated Variable Volume Membrane Plate Filter Presses for Modernizing the Pigment Manufacturing Process, Color Pigment Manufacturer’s Association, Cincinnati, Ohio, October, 1996, Quentin D. Avery

Automated System Design for Membrane Filter Presses, American Filtration Society Technical Conference and Annual Spring Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, May, 1993, Quentin D. Avery

Membrane Filter Press Performance, American Filtration Society, Technical Conference and Annual Spring Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, May, 1992, Quentin D. Avery

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