Avery Filter company supplies used and rebuilt filtration equipment to meet the needs of customers where project budgets and/or equipment delivery timelines do not allow for new filters to be installed. Our 60+ years of filtration technology expertise enables us to guide you through the equipment selection process and assure you that your filter will meet the application requirements. Avery Filter is the only used equipment dealer specializing exclusively in liquid separation/filtration equipment.


Rebuilt & Remanufactured Filter Presses

Filter presses are available in a number of pressure ratings and configurations, including plate and frame, recessed chamber plate and membrane plate. Plate stack materials of construction can be polypropylene, stainless steel, cast iron, or a variety of other materials. Many options are available and, if we don't have just what you are looking for, we can sometimes rebuild or retrofit an existing unit from our inventory to meet your needs.

Avery Filter Company not only sells used filter presses, and other filtration equipment, but can also retrofit filter presses with the new polypropylene recessed chamber plates, and can completely recondition and rebuild existing filter presses. New hydraulic closures can be added for improved operation and cost savings. Filter presses can be enlarged to  provide more cake capacity or greater filtration area. Stainless steel plates can be machined with new smooth surfaces to reduce leakage problems.

Other types of filtration equipment offered by Avery Filter Company include rotary vacuum filters of the precoat and scraper discharge type, pressure leaf filters, horizontal plate filters, such as Sparkler and Niagra, ceramic and stainless steel vacuum nutsche filters, belt filter presses and specialized type filters, such as Larox, Fest, Schenk & Funda. 

If you have specific requirements, please let us know, and we will try to quote on your exact needs. Following is a partial listing of rebuilt & used filter presses available. Avery Filter has quite an extensive inventory of used filters available.  Let us know what you are looking for and we'll find you what you are looking for to meey your specific requirements. 

Avery Filter Company also provides good used pressure leaf and horizontal plate filters for clarification applications. These are available in many different configurations and materials of construction. 

Avery Filter Company supplies pre cut cellulose filter paper and filter cloth for use on all pressure filters.  With over one hundred styles to choose from, we can assist you in the selection of the appropriate filter media for your filtration by drawing upon our vast application experience.